DPS (Data Protection Services)

As an Indonesian company with 12 years experience in storage industry, AGI provides comprehensive solutions to customers looking to free up resources, meet recovery point and time objectives and/or store invaluable media in our highly secure, temperature-controlled vaults. Regardless of your needs, AGI provides you with a custom tailored Data Backup and Recovery Protection Program to not just meet, but exceed the needs of your business.

Safeguarding your data through viable planning is critical to keeping your business running smoothly during an unforeseen disaster or business interruption. Research shows the average cost to a company for a downtime incident, worldwide, is US$287,600 USD (Symantec, 2009). Even when companies do survive, related expenses can be astronomical and negatively impact customer satisfaction and company reputation.

Studies continue to show insider negligence is a top contributor of data loss.

Employee carelessness. Third-party mishaps. Lost or stolen digital media. In many cases, data loss can be avoided if employees and business associates understand what it takes to keep personal information secure.

For your original and data safety AGI will rpovide you secure data IT storage to meets your IT regulations.

Raise awareness. Reduce risk.

Knowledge is power—especially when it comes to mitigating risk. AGI offers resources to help you and your employees understand how to prevent—and detect—a data breach event and also to keep your original data safe in Our Information Center.

We keep track so you don’t have to.

When it comes to privacy and data security, staying on top of the latest information—and updating your risk management plan accordingly—can be a full-time job. At AGI, we provide ongoing consultation to assist you in maintaining the best data storage together with protection and response program possible. Whatever your needs, resources from AGI are just a phone call or email us directly.