OUR COMPANY in Indonesia known as AGI, a company specializing in the provision of Information Management services to a broad range of customers in Indonesia. The company was established since 1992 as a division from Geoservices Indonesia and expand our business to Cikarang in 1999. At the present, AGI have handled over 280 national to multinational company for more than 12 years from facilities located in Jakarta and Surabaya. Our customers come from different sector of industry like banking, energy, trading, or manufacture (further additional references information can be provided on request).

To support your business activity currently AGI manage three Information Center (IC) in Cikarang and Delta Mas Area to cover West Indonesia and One Information Center (IC) in Surabaya to handle East Indonesia activity. The combination of this area can support our client business became more efficient, auditable, and secure. Since January 2012 AGI implement the latest software technology for our database and record activity control known as SeCureTM system. With SeCureTM AGI can provide more up to date real time database to our customer 24/7 in all the world and suitable for all of kind of business.

More than that AGI provide you peace off mind with three document solution for your company needs. For company who want to more focus on their core business AGI provide Document Management Services (DMS) for your hard copy data or paper based document storage or classification. For IT manager we provide you Data Protection Services (DPS) as part of your Business Continuity Plan. And for your company secret we provide you Secure Destruction Services (SDS) as part of our commitment to provide you peace of mind.