YES, AGI understand your challenge to handle all of your company records. AGI concern is to increase your ROI by giving you the efficient services, cost reduction solutions, and professional experience for all of your company records. To aim this below are AGI's solutions for your company needs :

  • DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (DMS) : In decades past, business assets were mostly tangible, real and touchable. Today, information is the currency of business and organizations sometimes have difficulty having to manage array of obligations in information awareness, storage and compliance. AGI has decades of real experience in document storage and management, and can create imperviously secure, fingertip-accessible and compliance-minded solutions. We can help you minimise storage costs, optimise accessibility and therefore maximise the value of records and files, as well as valuable or irreplaceable items.
  • DATA PROTECTION SOLUTIONS (DPS) : AGI’s range of data protection and privacy services can play a vital part in keeping your company in business and out of harm’s way. Whether it is disaster recovery or prevention, business continuity, secure retention, or data protection from breach, damage, or loss. As with all solutions that AGI provides, security is our first and foremost concern. Giving you the convenience of knowing your data is safe with the right processes, people and standards in place.
  • SECURE DESTRUCTION SOLUTIONS (SDS) : At the end of the documents life cycle, you want obsolete materials to be disposed of to free up space. You want critical information to be securely and properly destroyed. You want to be cost-efficient, protected, compliant and confident your information is handled responsibly, without question or concern. AGI offers custom-tailored document disposal solutions for your organization, able to meet any industry-specific requirements for compliance and confidentiality to ensure that information is completely inaccessible, and the documents are destroyed in an environmentally sustainable manner.
  • DIGITAL DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS (DDS) : While the business information, managing information correctly is a strategic opportunity to improve performance. Whether it’s scanning hard copies into electronic format and providing imaging storage, or implementing innovative processes to help you better manage your information. AGI provides a breadth of digitisation services and integrated solutions to support virtually every industry including financial, insurance, medical, government, business services and consumer/packaged goods. The net result is an optimised system that enhances internal workflow, increases productivity and improves customer relations and satisfaction.
  • ONLINE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (SeCureTM) : AGI's web-based document management system, SeCureTM, and supporting technologies revolutionise tracking and accessibility. SeCureTM allows you to check the status of your documents at any given time, request services, and receive instant electronic copies of any physical document via image direcly to your email. The advantages of this SeCureTM are every client can managing their documents easily and create a report of the status of the documents. Indirectly, this system helps the client to see what the documents are often be required to improve document management system of the company.