SDS (Secure Destruction Services)

SECURE DESTRUCTION SOLUTIONS (SDS) : At the end of the documents life cycle, you want obsolete materials to be disposed of to free up space. You want critical information to be securely and properly destroyed. You want to be cost-efficient, protected, compliant and confident your information is handled responsibly, without question or concern. AGI offers custom-tailored document disposal solutions for your organization, able to meet any industry-specific requirements for compliance and confidentiality to ensure that information is completely inaccessible, and the documents are destroyed in an environmentally sustainable manner. To support your daily work activity and your documents life cycle AGI provide two comprehensive services for your peace of mind and documents security :

  • Have you noticed that there are so many company secrets in the document that you throw into the trash every day? Starting from company bank activity , employees phone numbers , even the company's customer list . Can you imagine what would happen if all of that documents fell into the hands of irresponsible parties?

To answer this challenge since 2011 AGI provides a secure bin in our client work location where they can get rid of all unused paper in a safe and environmentally friendly.