SECURE Document System Management

Agisecure is the technology we create to accompany us for daily operations. With the system 24 hours 7 days online, we can see and do work anywhere, anytime.

Agisecure applications can interact with internal and customer applications as needed. web-based application agisecure created, complete with supporting server applications including backup, always ensure the smooth execution of work.

We use a barcode system, which is directly integrated with the application agisecure. So that records can be more accurate recording and precise.

For our customers to provide web-based applications, customers can see in realtime how we do the work. customers can also see how many records in storage and when in the store, customers also can order the recording. Orders by the customer we will do by the time requested by the customer.

With the completion agisecure application that is always running, we believe agisecure can help us work more easily, efficiently and precisely.