DMS (Document Management Services)

In decades past, business assets were mostly tangible, real and touchable. Today, information is the currency of business and organizations sometimes have difficulty having to manage array of obligations in information awareness, storage and compliance. AGI has decades of real experience in document storage and management, and can create imperviously secure, fingertip-accessible and compliance-minded solutions. We can help you minimise storage costs, optimize accessibility and therefore maximise the value of records and files, as well as valuable or irreplaceable items.

AGI can answer your company challenge in document management such as :

1. Storage

Storage becomes a bigger concern as the scope of an organization increases. If you’re a freelancer running a home office, documents storage may not be such a big deal. However, if you’re operating a business with employees assigned to different departments working collaboratively on certain projects, documents storage definitely becomes a major concern. You’ll need a system where documents can safely be stored until you no longer need them.

2. Filing

Even with digital storage, files could still be misplaced unless you have an efficient filing system in place as well. Your chosen document management software should therefore allow for easy filing of documents. There should also be some sort of search option that allows you to easily locate documents that may have been misfiled.

3. Retrieval

As mentioned earlier, most people spend a lot more time trying to retrieve documents than they do reading the document. It isn’t that easy to find a single document among thousands of similar ones, is it? Well, the document management system you choose should definitely make the work easy for you. Otherwise, there’s hardly any point in setting up such a system in the first place.

4. Archival

The ability to access data that was filed, say, 25 years ago is one of the most interesting things about archiving. When you set up your document management system, therefore, you should make sure the archival feature allows for the storing of documents for the long term.

5. Security

Many organizations consider security a crucial aspect of document management. After all, a substantial percentage of company documents contain a lot of corporate secrets. Regardless of whether a document is recent or several years old, you certainly wouldn’t want unauthorized individuals to get hold of pertinent company information. This makes it important to choose a system that allows sharing only by intranet. Encryption capabilities and password protection are also important features you’d want your document management system to have.